junitlauncher and custom listener for standard out

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junitlauncher and custom listener for standard out

Robert J. Carr
I'll try to keep this brief ...

I'm coming from junit4 and like to print all the test results to standard
out.  From what I can tell, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this with
'junitlauncher'.  Or is there?

My idea was to take the built-in LegacyPlainResultFormatter and redirect
the setDestination() call to standard out.  When running a single 'test'
this works just as expected (although, it still writes an empty file), but
when using 'testclasses' it only works on the first test and all other test
results are again written to file.

I tried putting the custom listener both in 'junitlauncher' and
'testclasses' and it didn't make a difference.  It seems the
setDestination() is only called a single time (with a
'KeepAliveOutputStream'), but not sure if that's normal.